Parkland Voter Movement

PVM Purpose

PVM was created to honor the youth of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and so many others whose voices were silenced while others were informed and amplified.  Teens share tools to intensify their voices with powerful votes that can revolutionize our democracy.  Youth are supported to (pre)register other teens (16-19) to vote, then encourage others to register to vote and finally for all to vote.  This grass-roots non-partisan effort is supported by adult volunteers and organizations such as the League of Women Voters.

PVM Accomplishments

Teen leaders and adult volunteers registered 3,004 new teenage voters within six weeks of school-based registration drives.  Of these newly registered voters.  Fifty teen leaders arranged drives and 187 adult volunteers supported the registration process.  Teens participate in an interactive multmedia presentation on the history and importance of voting and then walk through the actual voter registration process. Students receive “Parkland Voter Movement” wristbands with the tagline of “Register-Recruit-Vote.”  The Parkland Voter Movement is under the umbrella of the League of Women Voters of Fremont, Newark and Union City.

      Julie Dunkle Co-Founder of Parkland Voter Movement 

With a father in public office for 34 years, I learned young about the importance of voting.  I have fond memories of my dad hoisting me up in the voting booth so I could pull down the level with his name.  After Sandy Hook, along with my son Michael, we decided to do random acts of kindness, in abstentia, for all the beautiful children who would have enriched so many lives with their RAKs.  Then after many more tragedies and Parkland, my son and I decided we needed to do something more impactful, like support a national movement to register teens to vote.  Parkland youth and others are so intelligent, motivated and inspirational.  We hope the PVM helps to amplify their voices with votes that can enhance our democracy for all people.

PVM Description

We are a non-partisan, non-issue grassroots group, led by teens and supported by adults, who work collaboratively to (pre)register teens (and under-represented groups) to register to vote. We are building a website platform that can support teens across the United States who want to organize youth voter registration drives.

Youth and adult volunteers work collaboratively with schools, organizations and events to organize voter registration drives that target the (pre)registration of 16-19 year olds (and others). Paper and online registration drives occur during classes, lunch periods, school assemblies, school orientation days, school club days, marches, etc. After new students register, they are challenged to recruit other teens to register and/or to organize new registration drives and then, of course, vote.

On the Big Screen

Community Conversations – Hosted by Fremont Unified School District’s K. K. Kaneshiro, on Parkland Voter Movement at Robertson Continuation High School (09-24-2018)

Community Conversations – Hosted by Fremont Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Kim Wallace, on Parkland Voter Movement Registration Drives at Fremont High Schools (04-16-2018)