Teen Organizers


The Parkland Voter Movement is a Student-Led effort to (pre)register teens (16-19) to vote, encourage teens to register others and finally inspire all to vote.  With empowerment, resolve and collaboration, today’s youth are creating tomorrow’s leaders and writing a new chapter of US history.

Resources below are available to support youth in organizing voter (pre)registration drives for teens.

Announcements – Upcoming

June 12, 2019 – Register New Citizens to Vote, Paramount Theatre, Oakland, 10am and 2pm

June 07, 2019 – Ro Khanna, Alviso Town Hall, Payne Elementary School, 7:30-9pm

May 21, 2018 – Mission San Jose HS Voter Registration Drive

May 29 – June 1 – Irvington HS Voter Registration Drive (TBC)

Hosting Registration Drives

PVM Student Guide for Hosting Registration Drives

PVM Flyer – What Students Should Bring to Register

PVM Counting Registrants Questions

CA High School Voter Registration Tool Kit, Teen Developed


CA Website for Online Voter Registration

Political Party Own Statements of Purpose, CA Secretary of State

Voter’s Edge, nonpartisan guide to all candidates and issues as well as who is funding them, can sort by county


History of Voting, Rock the Vote (3:35)

Our Time is Now, CA Secretary of State (1:12)

Importance of MidTerm Elections, Yari Shahidi (3:10)


Become a Teen Poll Worker in Alameda County, June Primary