Adult Volunteers

Resources for Adult Volunteers

Parkland Voter Movement is a student-led effort to (pre)register teens (16-19) to vote.  Adult volunteers support teens in many ways including providing web resources, voting affidavits, wristbands, outreach, trained voter registrars, and support from The League of Women Voters.

PVM Fall 2018 School Presentation PPT

PVM Adult Volunteering Guide

PVM Tips for Connecting with Teens

PVM HS Adult Volunteers Logistics Message

Guide to Voter Registration Drives, CA Secretary of State

Alameda County Voter Registration Training Notes, April 3, 2018

CA’s Secretary of State and Superintendent of Public Instruction wrote a joint letter promoting annual high school voter registration weeks in September and April of each year.  This program was created from AB1817 legislation passed in 2014.

Assembly Bill 1817, July 2014

Joint Letter CA Secretary of State and Superintendent of Public Instruction, Mar 26, 2018